About Us

We are the GoviRajam – Imports and Exports. We are the Export Import Consultancy Agents in India. Our mission is to provide Quality Products at Reasonable Prices to foreign small and medium enterprise Clients. We are providing Service them necessary advice and reliable collaborations with Small Service Charges. ie For Importers – If you are an importer, If you need any products you can submit your product details. we will provide you with information about the details of the supplier registered on our website with the details of the Products you need. We will also get quotations for your products from 2 to 10 companies. and For Exporters – If you are an Exporter If you register our website with the details of the item you want to export, we will publish the details of your products in our website. also We will inform their entries at least 1000 / month importers through our website. This means you can get at least 1 export opportunity. Please Visit “https://impoandexpo.com”.

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