WWE RoyalRumble


The Royal Rumble is a professional wrestling event, produced every January since 1988 by professional wrestling promotion WWE. It is named after the Royal Rumble match, a battle royalwhose participants enter at timed intervals.[

After the initial event was broadcast as a television special on USA Network, the Royal Rumble has been shown on pay-per-view and is one of WWE’s “Big Four”, along with WrestleManiaSummerSlam, and Survivor Series.

The Royal Rumble is a pay-per-view consisting of the Royal Rumble match, title matches, and various other matches. The first Royal Rumble event took place on January 24, 1988, and was broadcast live on the USA Network.[4] The following year, the event started to be broadcast on pay-per-view[5] and thus became one of WWE’s “big four” pay-per-views, along with WrestleManiaSurvivor Series, and SummerSlam.[

The men’s Royal Rumble match is usually located at the top of the card, though there have been exceptions, such as the 198819961997199820062013, and 2018 events. Due to the Rumble match taking up a large amount of time (most Rumble matches last roughly one hour), the Rumble event tends to have a smaller card than most other pay-per-view events, which routinely have six to eight matches per card. The 2008 Royal Rumble was the first WWE pay-per-view to be available in high-definition.[ The 2018 Royal Rumble was the first to include a women’s Royal Rumble match, which was the main event for that year.

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